BrittanyName: Brittany Casteneda
At Clive & Co. – 5 Years
The main points from Brittany: There are a lot of things that make Clive & Co. the BEST hair salon in Dallas. Here they are:

  • Supportive Staff.
  • Motivating.
  • Goal Setting.
  • Tools to reach goals.
  • Inspiring.
  • Salary (so rare in this industry!)
  • 3 Day Weekend every month!
  • Clive truly is a mentor who really invests time and energy in staff growth.

AbbyName: Abby Kugelstadt
At Clive & Co. – 71/2 Years
The main points from Abby: There are a lot of things that make Clive & Co. the BEST hair salon in Dallas. Here they are:





Paid vacation.

The brand Clive has created.

The salary.

Employee stability and security.

detraName: Detra McElroy
Years with Clive & Co.: <1 year
Best things about working at Clive & Co: Amazing education, teamwork, an awesome boss & manager – great clients and profession.

Name: Courtney O’Neal
Position: Colorist
Years with Clive & Co.: 5.5 Years

It’s pretty cool working for a salon that has won these amazing awards.  It’s great to be recognized for excellence. We are always encouraged to continue working hard.  Personally – I am proud of our benefits – and the ongoing education. I hope we are a inspiration to other salons to model their business after ours to offer their artists more benefits.

marieName: Marie Berry
Position: Stylist Manageer
Years with Clive & Co.: 11.5 year

It feels wonderful to be a part of such an amazing company.  I am grateful for the benefits we receive here at Clive and Co.

jovahnName: Jovahn Christon
At Clive & Co.  3 Years
The story directly from Jovahn: The reasons Clive and Company is such an amazing place to work are honestly endless, so I’ll just name a few.

The opportunities presented are rare to say the least. The chance to become more than the average hairdresser is made possible through continuous education and an unprecedented environment created by Clive’s desire to make this industry professionally recognized and respected.

We are offered full benefits, 401k, paid vacation, sick days, health insurance, and that’s the tip of the iceberg.

Not only does Clive care professionally for us, be he ensures we are mentally and emotionally improving along with our careers. We receive support that stems from an unfaltering foundation built on respect, trust, teamwork, authenticity, and the drive to succeed.

Clive knows that success is measured differently by all. So he works with us individually to ascertain how we perceive our own success and does all he can to help it come to fruition. I couldn’t be happier in my career and it is all because of Clive and Company.

Name: Heather Laleins
Position: Reception
Years with Clive & Co.: 2.5 years

This is honestly the best place in general – that I’ve ever worked.  We truly feel and treat each other like family.  And, that partnership between all of us fosters the environment which we thrive in. Without each others support – our success would not be possible.

susanName: Susan Glass
Position: Hair Colorist
Years with Clive & Co.: 1.5 Years

Working here is amazing even without the awards.  I have a wonderful team of co-workers – that I have formed lifetime friendships with.  I’m (we) are lucky to have Clive here to back us up and support our goals with the company – and with our personal lives.

ursulaName: Ursula
At Clive & Co. <2 Years
The main points from Ursula:

There are a lot of things that make Clive & Co. the BEST hair salon in Dallas. There is wonderful education, love and support we give each other – as a team.  I love meeting new people (clients!) and building those relationships.  We have an opportunity to make someone’s day brighter and give them a reason to smile (this always counts!).  Working under Clive as his assistant has been a real honor. BEST BOSS EVER!


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