Business woman with spectacles

This one’s for all the G.W.G.s! (girls with glasses)

Pulling off fabulous style doesn’t just start and end with hair. There are lots of other factors to consider, such as the shape of the face, lifestyle, clothing, accessories, make-up and believe it or not, wether or not your client wears glasses!

Eyeglasses can completely alter the look and balance of someone’s facial features. They can create a whole set of hair issues that weren’t there before.
Eyeglasses can be used to divert attention to a hairstyle or draw attention to it. Because it can get quite complicated, it’s a good idea for the client to bring or wear her ‘everyday’ glasses so that you can make sure that the hairstyle will harmonize with them.
Here’s some general guidelines:
When glasses have ‘soft’ frames choose a bold hairstyle, when glasses have ‘bold’ frames choose a softer hairstyle. Balance is the key word: The hairdo should stand out in balance with the eyeglass frame.

Hairstyles that do not overpower the face (short, cropped cuts, gamine styles or a chin-length bob) are the best way to show off cute frames. Any hairstyle that pulls the hair away from the face work well with almost all frames.

A side hair parting is great way to balance square shaped glasses.

Watch the width. Is the client wearing a cute chunky rectangular shaped frame in a dark color that adds the illusion of extra width? if so, avoid a really big hairstyle. Opt instead for a straight look or some side layers to avoid looking too wide!

– Bangs or no bangs? This one can be tricky. Long bangs are better because they won’t interfere with the top of glasses and can get caught in the screws where the glasses meet the arm pieces. Also, bangs are great with light frames so stay away from frames that are too large or too heavy or dark. If your client wants bangs, keep them short and wispy. Maintenance is key here.
– Pull it Back! You are going to be hard pressed to find a pair of glasses that doesn’t look good with hair that is pulled back. The half-up and half-down hairstyle looks fantastic with most designer eyeglass frames– as does another one of this season’s hottest do’s– the bun.  (Picture Audrey Hepburn in her cat eye frames with her iconic bun.)  Messy or sleek, pony-tails, braids, and low buns also look fabulous with a great pair of fashion eyeglasses.
Color Coordinate Haircolor! Though most women will naturally gravitate towards colors and tones that look good with their skin and hair, it’s good to remember that cool color tones – like blacks and silvers may not look as good with warmer hair and skin tones. For example, unless you are a hipster, warm hair colors (like auburn) will look best with tortoise shell or other warm toned frames, not a thick black frame.  The same applies to women with very dark black or brown hair, usually gold or light tan frames will not look as good with their hair as would a silver or another cool color. Redheads look great with almost any color of glasses except white or yellow.
FrameSavers were developed especially for clients who wear glasses. Not only do they protect your clients’ expensive eyewear during the coloring process, but they also give clients the freedom to check emails, read a magazine or work while they’re processing. They work with any glasses and are an inexpensive and super easy way to WOW your clients!

Soft, natural and low maintenance – are the keys for easy-breezy Summer style. Hair that looks real, wavy with soft highlights and that “beachy-look” after a day playing in the waves – is a trend year after year.

Soft Colors:  Summer’s hottest hair colors add dimension and mystery. Unlike the obvious feel of chunky high-contrast streaks and ombre color techniques – Summer calls for the subtle supplement to your already beautiful locks. So keep it simple with natural looking, softer and more blended color applications.


And of course – highlights aren’t just for blondes. Natural dimension and highlights can be just as beautiful on brunettes as well – seasonal and sexy.

What’s best – ? We can still call it low-maintenance when we keep it natural, as it will grow out gracefully.


The Texture Of Summer 

Summer brings high temperatures that can be hard on your hair. So, leave the flat iron and curling irons in their cabinet – and give your locks the extra care during the hot months they deserve. Make sure you are using the right products for Summer; not just to protect your locks – but also to achieve the looks below (rememberr our post on Our Favorite Summer Hair Care Products?)

Let The Waves Fall – We love the natural waves of hair that’s been allowed to air-dry. Nothing is more beautiful than the tousled-look of natural waves.

Pull it Back – And of course – Summer wouldn’t be complete without a few ponytails. So – to keep with our theme of low-maintenance and ‘easy-breezy’ – the simple ponytail will probably be your go-to ‘do’.

And for those of you who just can’t decide whether to wear up or down – just do both!  Half up, half down is just as easy, and – depending on where you are going, might be better suited. (less or more casual)

Whatever you choose – keep it easy.

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The Summer heat can be hard on your hair; and even more so for those who are actually out in the sun day to day. We love ALL our brands – but we’ve taken some time to select our favorites for Summer hair care. Firstly – it’s important to protect your hair.

Protect: Hands down our fave is Kerastase Huile Céleste spray – because it’s a double agent. While it’s a shine spray – it also protects your hair from damaging UVA and UVB rays and the effects of chlorine and salt. Don’t forget – any time you leave a pool or get out of the ocean – it’s smart to rinse your hair with water.

Correct: If your hair is damaged and dry from too much sun – try the Kerastase shampoo and conditional for sun-exposed hair. Bain Apres-Soleil and Lait Richesse – are a great combination to give your hair what it needs to heal.

Beach waves: A good “salt spray” do the trick nicely. We love Kerastase Spray A Porter and Davines “This is a Sea Salt Spray”. Mist your hair lightly and let it air dry. Do you have straight hair? To create soft waves that look really natural – twist sections of hair all around the head, secure each section with a hair band, squeeze out excess water and allow it to dry.

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Take a tour around the best Hair Salon in Dallas – the award-winning Clive and Co. – and you are sure to see why our welcoming, upscale salon, is committed to client relationships and flawless execution.  Salon guests are invited to discover the true potential of their hair with the most customized hair care, hair care products and the right hair color system by experts who have received the best training in the industry.

Clive and Co.’s unmatched dedication to intense hairdressing education ensures that guests are always in the hands of Texas’ most accomplished

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If you are in the salon business, FrameSavers is one of those ‘little things’ that your customers won’t soon forget.  For us – and for our clients – this simple and complementary service will make a big impact on our clients who wear eyeglasses.  With FrameSavers Eyeglass Covers, millions of prescription eyeglass wearers can now have the freedom to read, text or work during hair color processing time.

What are FrameSavers? A simple, an innovative way to protect our client’s valuable eyewear during a color or chemical service.

Designed by our very own Clive Lamb – and the first of many beauty innovations to come from Clive and Co. Beauty Innovations – these clear poly sleeves fit virtually any size or style frame – sliding instantly over the arm and earpiece to prevent damage from dyes, chemicals and moisture, and eliminate messy wrapping or wiping.  FrameSavers’ flexible, disposable sleeves not only resist stains and moisture that can damage standard prescription or reading glasses, they give busy clients the freedom to read, text or work while they process.

Read the Press Release:

DALLAS – Clive and Co Beauty Innovations introduces FrameSavers, a unique product for salon professionals

FrameSavers are disposable protective sleeves for eyeglasses that simply slide onto the stems of any pair of glasses, protecting them from color and chemicals used during the hair color process.

Clive and Co Beauty Innovations is proud to announce the launch of its first product targeting the hair care industry. FrameSavers are an easy and inexpensive way to protect valuable eyewear during professional hair color or chemical processes. FrameSavers were created to give hair color clients the freedom to safely use their eyeglasses while processing, allowing them to be back in control of their busy schedules while at the salon.

Designed by a leading U.S. salon professional, these clear poly sleeves fit virtually any size or style frame, sliding instantly over the arm and earpiece providing eyewear protection from damaging dyes, chemicals and moisture. Since FrameSavers are exposed to chemicals and dyes, they are intended to be single use only.

Clive and Co Beauty Innovations was founded in 2014. Dedicated to creating innovative, new products for the haircare industry, they are poised to launch several new products targeting both the professional and home hair color markets.

Clive Lamb, founder of Clive and Co Beauty Innovations said, ‘We developed this product because we saw a need for it. We are always looking for new ways to enhance our customers’ experience and to build brand loyalty. FrameSavers show we care about our customers’ expensive eyewear and it also gives them the freedom to read, text or work while they’re processing. Our clients absolutely love them!’

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blonde sorbetClive and Co.’s philosophy on hair color – (and all hair care, really…) is always to approach the client’s hair with the healthiest way to achieve a desired result. Our clients know that everyone on staff at Clive and Co. is a true expert in hair care; and they are also honest with our clients that not everything is attainable. Sometimes, people don’t want to hear that – and so, they end up going somewhere else in the effort to hear what they’d like to hear – and ruining their hair.

Here’s an example. Let’s supposed we have a guest with super-long deep, dark hair – she’d like to be platinum blond.  Certainly, it depends if they are naturally dark, or box-colored dark, and the results will be different for each client.  The color experts in our Dallas salon know that the more levels you lift, the more you damage the hair.  We might can achieve the look for this guest – but not in one visit or process.  It may take several visits to get the lift they want and keep her locks long and healthy.

There is always one outcome at Clive and Co. and that’s healthy hair.  Our clients constantly tell us they receive compliments on a daily basis about their cuts and color – and how strong and healthy their locks look. Our colorists only use bleach as a last-case scenario – and it’s very rare.  They ALWAYS require a 10-15 minute consultation prior to being able to schedule a color service.  This is necessary – because we need to sort out what the process will be, what the clients expectations are – and how much time we  need to allow on our schedule to take care of the client properly.

We always use a cellophane after a color service.  Colorists at other salons will often use a “toner” or what they call a “glaze”. These tend to have ammonia and/or peroxides in them, which causes even more damage over time to the hair.  Clive and Co.’s cellophane treatments do not contain ammonia or peroxide – so they can refresh the ends without damage.  Depending on the color of the hair, the cellophane can do so many things, including adding shine while it smoots the hair, brightens blonds and refreshes the tone.



Some people simply cannot wash their hair every day – and of course, there are the myths floating about stating that one really shouldn’t shampoo their hair every day. This is actually a huge myth; and Clive would like to debunk this.

You see, if you use a Ph balanced shampoo, you can wash your hair daily.  It’s not the shampooing that causes the problem.  Oil and sebum are produced in your hair, just like on your face, and you wash your face every day, so you can wash your hair every day too.  Shampooing hair daily is NOT drying out your hair…it’s the hot tools: rollers, curling irons, hot blow dryers to close is what is causing the hair to be dried out.  If you continue to do these things to your hair, then definitely – NO, you should not wash it every day.  But if your hair is healthy, you use good products (good quality and Ph balanced) then wash away.

So, if you use the right hair products… quality  shampoos, conditioners and styling and protective products – like Kerastase or our  newest line, Davines – you could wash your hair every single day without harm.

However, we all know that some people simply do not have time to wash and dry every morning or every day, and for others – hair might behave better on day two. There are even a lot of people, primarily women who get professional blow-out – that can go a solid week without washing their hair.

Just because it’s “day two” (or even day three for some) – it doesn’t mean you can’t have shiny, beautiful and healthy hair – that has STYLE as well. Today’s products are all about creating longevity of style and protecting from the elements.

Here are some ‘Day Two ‘DO’s” that we love. These day-two ‘do’s’ will keep your hair looking great, and healthy – with style.

  • The Sleek Ponytail
  • The Dry Shampoo – Do
  • Braids
  • Accessories
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carleySpring is coming, in fact – it is here. What better way to ‘brighten’ your appearance than with cool, light color effects? Celebrities are showcasing new hair color trends. Doesn’t matter how you look at – these trends are soft, subtle and cool:


Babylights are highlights that have been painted on, gently, to mimic a child who has been playing outside in the sun. The subtle, natural effect is taking hold among celebs like Eva Longoria and Rosamund Pike, who look to just add some dimension to their look, without an over-the-top color change. Another perk – easy maintenance and a non-dramatic grow-out. Bonus!

Soft Reds

Amy Adams and Kate Middleton are sporting soft, beautiful and natural-looking red shades this season. Amy Adams is always red, but it’s not the bright bold red this season; and Kate’s soft red highlights are subtle and warming.

Silver & Cool

Stars sporting blonde like Gwen Stefani, Michelle Williams and even a few like Nicole Richie and Katy Perry with darker do’s are opting for a cool color cast on top of their natural color. For blondes, this brightens and makes the color more ‘silvery’ and ‘platinum’ while it gives a cool-dark tone to those with darker hair.

Read more on Redbook Magazine


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Davines-SustainableBeauty-logoIf you’ve been into Clive and Co. recently, you’ve noticed a new brand on our shelves – Davines. We love this brand, because of the natural, high-quality ingredients in their products – as well as their expertise and exclusivity – and it’s why we chose to carry the name and use these products in our Dallas salon.

A bit about Davines

Davines was founded in Parma, Italy in 1983 by the Bollati family. Originally, they produced high-end hair products for cosmetic companies only. In 1996, they began making an exclusive line for salons as well as skin care products for premier spas worldwide.  The products are simple, but based on over 20 years of experience and knowledge, passed down and refined to a natural perfection.

Davines is concerned with ‘Sustainable Beauty’ – meaning,  producing a product that deals with the responsibility we all have in this world, with a commitment to minimize production impact on the enviroment without compromising quality.

We have been looking for the right line to off set Kerastase for a few years now. Davines fits the bill. Davines is everything Kerastase is not, as well as compliments each other in philosophy and price point. Davines packaging is simple, the price point is reasonable, and the performance is great! 

-Clive Lamb


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MariaIt takes a lot to be the best hair salon in Dallas. We do it – by creating an amazing staff. This can only be achieved – by taking the best of the best, and grooming them in the Clive and Co. style and methodology.

Apprentice: Maria

Beauty School: Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy

Why Clive and Co. Apprenticeship?
I have been in the salon a few times and always enjoy the atmosphere.  The artists working at Clive and Co. are more impressive in their field than any other salon I have been to.  I could see that the training was much more advanced and I wanted to be a part of it.

What is the training like? What are you learning?
The training is very in-depth.  We all seek perfection through practice, practice practice!  I am learning how to work in a salon setting – on a team and how to achieve client’s goals through proper color formulation and precise application.  I am learning how to be the very best colorist I can be.

How do you feel this program prepares you for a career in hairstyling?
This program – in the first month – had already prepared me for my career more than any other program I had been in.  I am so excited about my future with Clive and Co.!

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