Texas heat. Summers anywhere can be unbearably hot, but the south is famous for it. With our signature sun rays and fluctuating humidity, even walking across the parking lot can be potentially damaging for the skin and hair.

Skincare has been in the forefront of the sun protection evolution for years. People are more aware of the effects of sun over-exposure as well as various adverse climate-related elements to their skin than ever before, but do they know that the same damage can happen to their hair?

Excessive heat, sun and wind can cause a multitude of issues that will conflict with summer plans for healthy, beautiful hair. UVA and UVB rays have the ability to harm the different layers of hair, all the way into the core. A walk in the park without protection can cause color-fade, drying and frizz. Whether your plans are to spend the season out and about or merely to go from your car to your work place, every moment counts when it comes to the effects of a Texas summer.

Before you step outside, consider arming yourself with options from the sun protection arsenal we have at Clive and Co. Let us create a specific regimen for your hair that will include both daily care, weekend fun and even summer vacation get-aways.

Moisturizing shampoos and conditioners are going to be the first steps in beating back dryness and frizz. Color-treated hair needs special care and we always take into consideration our clients’ unique needs. After a great base of shampoo and conditioner is established, we encourage the choice of styling products with SPF in them that combine UVA and UVB filters with moisturizing properties. It is important that everyone find a product to love with SPF in it to block these damaging rays.

Kerastase has a line specific to sun worshipers everywhere. They have created formulas customized to specific hair needs (such as color-treated) as well as anticipated total amount of sun exposure. Clients can find it in our retail area, displayed in appropriately bright red bottles.

Clive and Co. is dedicated to finding the perfect products just for you and your needs. Your hair is one of your greatest assets, deserving the same protection and care as your skin. Don’t let it fade into the background (literally) while your skin keeps its healthy glow.  Come in and let us help you and your hair beat the summer heat!

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