Spring has arrived, and with it comes a longing for a fresh, new you! The look of your hair is no exception when looking to recharge your personal style. With spring comes change, and a change for the better is always in fashion!

The 2011 Spring hair color trends are bursting with sunny golds, warm honeys, and delicate copper tones. Whether you’re a light blonde, dark brunette or fiery redhead, a springtime glow will add new dimension and life to your locks. 

“Brighter, not lighter” is the motto for the season at Clive and Co. Smoothing a golden glow onto a natural ash will brighten the hair without the harmful damage of “lifting” it beyond it’s healthy level. Give the sun a head start with sutble highlights around the face, adding vibrancy.

Blondes never go out of style, no matter what the season of the year, but spring and summer brings out the best in them. Those who want to try a different take on brightened highlights can incorporate strawberry and copper tones in their hair.

Red locks are always fashionable and our clients are encouraged to sample these hot colors, letting us choose the perfect shade for their skin tone.  Fair-skinned clients are best complimented by natural bright coppers and reds, while the darker-skinned should lean more towards plums and cherries.

Brunettes and black-haired clients don’t need to leave their mysterious, deep color behind this spring, but simply add something that tastes good, without the calories! Milk chocolate, hazelnut, honey and caramel tones will richen your hair, warm up your skin and add a pre-summer radiance. Even for our ash-toned clients we have a selection of refreshing colors to keep you looking cool during the hot days of late spring and summer.

Our clients know that no matter what trends are in season, their most fashionable look will always be healthy hair. Beautiful, luminous hair color isn’t achieved by cutting corners and compromising the health of the hair shaft. Let us renew your look, while making the health of your hair our number one priority!

Spring is here, let’s shine!

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