Let’s get things straight… flat irons are used in today’s hair and fashion world far too often. As a result we have a slew of typical hair problems such as frizz, breakage, color fade and split ends. Straighteners were originially designed for occasional styling and fashion forward looks that can only be achieved by extreme heat. Continually burning the hair into submission actually never fixes a curl or frizz problem, it only masks it. We have a saying at Clive and Co. that we use in many flat-iron addiction cases, “Would you flat-iron your arm? Probably not.” We encourage our clients to treat their hair with the same respect as their skin.

There are better ways to achieve the smooth style that you want. Despite what may seem like all odds against you, you can have straight, healthy hair without the burn. Clive and Co. is dedicated to teaching you the best and healthiest way to style your hair. Hundreds, even thousands of clients have walked through our door with the assumption that their hair must be flat-ironed to look even decent.

The key word here is the “flat” in “flat-iron”. Overuse causes the hair to quickly becomes lifeless and dull, “flat-looking”. Our clients have left their appointments with a better understanding of the damage they were unknowingly causing, and an improved method of achieving that straight and shiny look. If they can do it, so can you!

It all starts with a heat protectant and other products for your hair type. The next tool is the art of rough drying and a basic understanding of hair brushes. The right brush with the right hair dryer can change the way you view your morning routine. We love for you to come to us with questions and curiosities about how to get the perfect blow out or straightened look. At Clive and Co., we are proud to say that our clients who have been with us and listened to our helpful advice, are walking around with gorgeous, beautiful hair.

We want you to fall in love with your hair by being able to style it with ease. Allow us to share our passion for luminous, healthy hair with you and break the chains of flat-iron addiction.

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