Some people simply cannot wash their hair every day – and of course, there are the myths floating about stating that one really shouldn’t shampoo their hair every day. This is actually a huge myth; and Clive would like to debunk this.

You see, if you use a Ph balanced shampoo, you can wash your hair daily.  It’s not the shampooing that causes the problem.  Oil and sebum are produced in your hair, just like on your face, and you wash your face every day, so you can wash your hair every day too.  Shampooing hair daily is NOT drying out your hair…it’s the hot tools: rollers, curling irons, hot blow dryers to close is what is causing the hair to be dried out.  If you continue to do these things to your hair, then definitely – NO, you should not wash it every day.  But if your hair is healthy, you use good products (good quality and Ph balanced) then wash away.

So, if you use the right hair products… quality  shampoos, conditioners and styling and protective products – like Kerastase or our  newest line, Davines – you could wash your hair every single day without harm.

However, we all know that some people simply do not have time to wash and dry every morning or every day, and for others – hair might behave better on day two. There are even a lot of people, primarily women who get professional blow-out – that can go a solid week without washing their hair.

Just because it’s “day two” (or even day three for some) – it doesn’t mean you can’t have shiny, beautiful and healthy hair – that has STYLE as well. Today’s products are all about creating longevity of style and protecting from the elements.

Here are some ‘Day Two ‘DO’s” that we love. These day-two ‘do’s’ will keep your hair looking great, and healthy – with style.

  • The Sleek Ponytail
  • The Dry Shampoo – Do
  • Braids
  • Accessories
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