blonde sorbetClive and Co.’s philosophy on hair color – (and all hair care, really…) is always to approach the client’s hair with the healthiest way to achieve a desired result. Our clients know that everyone on staff at Clive and Co. is a true expert in hair care; and they are also honest with our clients that not everything is attainable. Sometimes, people don’t want to hear that – and so, they end up going somewhere else in the effort to hear what they’d like to hear – and ruining their hair.

Here’s an example. Let’s supposed we have a guest with super-long deep, dark hair – she’d like to be platinum blond.  Certainly, it depends if they are naturally dark, or box-colored dark, and the results will be different for each client.  The color experts in our Dallas salon know that the more levels you lift, the more you damage the hair.  We might can achieve the look for this guest – but not in one visit or process.  It may take several visits to get the lift they want and keep her locks long and healthy.

There is always one outcome at Clive and Co. and that’s healthy hair.  Our clients constantly tell us they receive compliments on a daily basis about their cuts and color – and how strong and healthy their locks look. Our colorists only use bleach as a last-case scenario – and it’s very rare.  They ALWAYS require a 10-15 minute consultation prior to being able to schedule a color service.  This is necessary – because we need to sort out what the process will be, what the clients expectations are – and how much time we  need to allow on our schedule to take care of the client properly.

We always use a cellophane after a color service.  Colorists at other salons will often use a “toner” or what they call a “glaze”. These tend to have ammonia and/or peroxides in them, which causes even more damage over time to the hair.  Clive and Co.’s cellophane treatments do not contain ammonia or peroxide – so they can refresh the ends without damage.  Depending on the color of the hair, the cellophane can do so many things, including adding shine while it smoots the hair, brightens blonds and refreshes the tone.

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