Why is box color harmful to the hair?

Box color. It’s simple, fast, cheap and always available, but what about quality? Many clients over the years have sat in our chairs and asked the question, “What is it about box color that is so bad for my hair?”

In hard economic times such as these, it would be easy to run to the grocery store and buy one of the many “soft brunette” or “ash blonde” box colors with a happy and satisfied-looking model on the front. Unfortunately, easy does not equate with safe or effective.

The foremost reason we never recommend buying box color is that there is no customized care hidden inside its cardboard shape. Professional personal stylists use their considerable education and experience to determine, among other things, what would be best for the overall condition and health of your hair. Choosing the perfect hue to accentuate your cut is essential, as hair color will always be the best accessory to complete a fantastic cut. This kind of personal care can not be purchased in a box.

Despite the claims spouted by actresses and models in media advertising, in reality, clients who have been coloring their hair themselves for even a short time will find that their hair has become brittle, flat, sometimes metallic-looking, and often broken.

Metallic dye is the key ingredient inside these box colors, and is harmful with repeated or excessive use and very difficult to remove. The price of box color usually indicates the amount of cheap chemicals and detergents used- in other words, you get what you pay for.

We encourage our clients to tell us if they have colored their hair with these products before we apply our professional dye. Sadly, often times we find that only after using special cleansing treatments, glosses and other processes do we feel it is safe to correct the color. Mixing professional color with box dye can take a toll on clients’ hair, and we make a point of doing color correction as safely as possible. Keeping the integrity, health and beauty of the hair in mind is our main goal in correcting any difficult color situation.

The fact is, saving money by purchasing box color will only create further, more expensive problems in the future. How you feel about the way your hair looks is an important part of your overall self-assurance.Why not allow us to harmonize the care of the integrity of your hair, the colors that would look best, and the process of safely achieving your goals so that we help you bring out your best features. It’s an investment your hair will gladly thank you for.

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