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Business woman with spectacles

This one’s for all the G.W.G.s! (girls with glasses)

Pulling off fabulous style doesn’t just start and end with hair. There are lots of other factors to consider, such as the shape of the face, lifestyle, clothing, accessories, make-up and believe it or not, wether or not your client wears glasses!

Eyeglasses can completely alter the look and balance of someone’s facial features. They can create a whole set of hair issues that weren’t there before.
Eyeglasses can be used to divert attention to a hairstyle or draw attention to it. Because it can get quite complicated, it’s a good idea for the client to bring or wear her ‘everyday’ glasses so that you can make sure that the hairstyle will harmonize with them.
Here’s some general guidelines:
When glasses have ‘soft’ frames choose a bold hairstyle, when glasses have ‘bold’ frames choose a softer hairstyle. Balance is the key word: The hairdo should stand out in balance with the eyeglass frame.

Hairstyles that do not overpower the face (short, cropped cuts, gamine styles or a chin-length bob) are the best way to show off cute frames. Any hairstyle that pulls the hair away from the face work well with almost all frames.

A side hair parting is great way to balance square shaped glasses.

Watch the width. Is the client wearing a cute chunky rectangular shaped frame in a dark color that adds the illusion of extra width? if so, avoid a really big hairstyle. Opt instead for a straight look or some side layers to avoid looking too wide!

– Bangs or no bangs? This one can be tricky. Long bangs are better because they won’t interfere with the top of glasses and can get caught in the screws where the glasses meet the arm pieces. Also, bangs are great with light frames so stay away from frames that are too large or too heavy or dark. If your client wants bangs, keep them short and wispy. Maintenance is key here.
– Pull it Back! You are going to be hard pressed to find a pair of glasses that doesn’t look good with hair that is pulled back. The half-up and half-down hairstyle looks fantastic with most designer eyeglass frames– as does another one of this season’s hottest do’s– the bun.  (Picture Audrey Hepburn in her cat eye frames with her iconic bun.)  Messy or sleek, pony-tails, braids, and low buns also look fabulous with a great pair of fashion eyeglasses.
Color Coordinate Haircolor! Though most women will naturally gravitate towards colors and tones that look good with their skin and hair, it’s good to remember that cool color tones – like blacks and silvers may not look as good with warmer hair and skin tones. For example, unless you are a hipster, warm hair colors (like auburn) will look best with tortoise shell or other warm toned frames, not a thick black frame.  The same applies to women with very dark black or brown hair, usually gold or light tan frames will not look as good with their hair as would a silver or another cool color. Redheads look great with almost any color of glasses except white or yellow.
FrameSavers were developed especially for clients who wear glasses. Not only do they protect your clients’ expensive eyewear during the coloring process, but they also give clients the freedom to check emails, read a magazine or work while they’re processing. They work with any glasses and are an inexpensive and super easy way to WOW your clients!

Soft, natural and low maintenance – are the keys for easy-breezy Summer style. Hair that looks real, wavy with soft highlights and that “beachy-look” after a day playing in the waves – is a trend year after year.

Soft Colors:  Summer’s hottest hair colors add dimension and mystery. Unlike the obvious feel of chunky high-contrast streaks and ombre color techniques – Summer calls for the subtle supplement to your already beautiful locks. So keep it simple with natural looking, softer and more blended color applications.


And of course – highlights aren’t just for blondes. Natural dimension and highlights can be just as beautiful on brunettes as well – seasonal and sexy.

What’s best – ? We can still call it low-maintenance when we keep it natural, as it will grow out gracefully.


The Texture Of Summer 

Summer brings high temperatures that can be hard on your hair. So, leave the flat iron and curling irons in their cabinet – and give your locks the extra care during the hot months they deserve. Make sure you are using the right products for Summer; not just to protect your locks – but also to achieve the looks below (rememberr our post on Our Favorite Summer Hair Care Products?)

Let The Waves Fall – We love the natural waves of hair that’s been allowed to air-dry. Nothing is more beautiful than the tousled-look of natural waves.

Pull it Back – And of course – Summer wouldn’t be complete without a few ponytails. So – to keep with our theme of low-maintenance and ‘easy-breezy’ – the simple ponytail will probably be your go-to ‘do’.

And for those of you who just can’t decide whether to wear up or down – just do both!  Half up, half down is just as easy, and – depending on where you are going, might be better suited. (less or more casual)

Whatever you choose – keep it easy.

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ShelbyName: Shelby Dawald
At Clive & Co. -< 1 year
The main points from Shelby: Everyone here really values teamwork.  The education I’ve received so far is second to none. Clive really takes care of his staff – emotionally and professionally.  We are really like family, and the clients always pick up on that and LOVE it!

madisonName: Madison Arnold
At Clive & Co. – < 1 year
The main points from Madison: The people are positive here, and pleasant to work with.  The opportunity is great here, we get to work in a salon that sets high standards – and are provided education and one-one one time with models and hands-on experience in our craft.  Clive and Co. – as an organization is wonderful – and it’s a low-stress environment.

BrittanyName: Brittany Casteneda
At Clive & Co. – 5 Years
The main points from Brittany: There are a lot of things that make Clive & Co. the BEST hair salon in Dallas. Here they are:

  • Supportive Staff.
  • Motivating.
  • Goal Setting.
  • Tools to reach goals.
  • Inspiring.
  • Salary (so rare in this industry!)
  • 3 Day Weekend every month!
  • Clive truly is a mentor who really invests time and energy in staff growth.

AbbyName: Abby Kugelstadt
At Clive & Co. – 71/2 Years
The main points from Abby: There are a lot of things that make Clive & Co. the BEST hair salon in Dallas. Here they are:





Paid vacation.

The brand Clive has created.

The salary.

Employee stability and security.

detraName: Detra McElroy
Years with Clive & Co.: <1 year
Best things about working at Clive & Co: Amazing education, teamwork, an awesome boss & manager – great clients and profession.

Name: Courtney O’Neal
Position: Colorist
Years with Clive & Co.: 5.5 Years

It’s pretty cool working for a salon that has won these amazing awards.  It’s great to be recognized for excellence. We are always encouraged to continue working hard.  Personally – I am proud of our benefits – and the ongoing education. I hope we are a inspiration to other salons to model their business after ours to offer their artists more benefits.

marieName: Marie Berry
Position: Stylist Manageer
Years with Clive & Co.: 11.5 year

It feels wonderful to be a part of such an amazing company.  I am grateful for the benefits we receive here at Clive and Co.

jovahnName: Jovahn Christon
At Clive & Co.  3 Years
The story directly from Jovahn: The reasons Clive and Company is such an amazing place to work are honestly endless, so I’ll just name a few.

The opportunities presented are rare to say the least. The chance to become more than the average hairdresser is made possible through continuous education and an unprecedented environment created by Clive’s desire to make this industry professionally recognized and respected.

We are offered full benefits, 401k, paid vacation, sick days, health insurance, and that’s the tip of the iceberg.

Not only does Clive care professionally for us, be he ensures we are mentally and emotionally improving along with our careers. We receive support that stems from an unfaltering foundation built on respect, trust, teamwork, authenticity, and the drive to succeed.

Clive knows that success is measured differently by all. So he works with us individually to ascertain how we perceive our own success and does all he can to help it come to fruition. I couldn’t be happier in my career and it is all because of Clive and Company.

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