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The Summer heat can be hard on your hair; and even more so for those who are actually out in the sun day to day. We love ALL our brands – but we’ve taken some time to select our favorites for Summer hair care. Firstly – it’s important to protect your hair.

Protect: Hands down our fave is Kerastase Huile Céleste spray – because it’s a double agent. While it’s a shine spray – it also protects your hair from damaging UVA and UVB rays and the effects of chlorine and salt. Don’t forget – any time you leave a pool or get out of the ocean – it’s smart to rinse your hair with water.

Correct: If your hair is damaged and dry from too much sun – try the Kerastase shampoo and conditional for sun-exposed hair. Bain Apres-Soleil and Lait Richesse – are a great combination to give your hair what it needs to heal.

Beach waves: A good “salt spray” do the trick nicely. We love Kerastase Spray A Porter and Davines “This is a Sea Salt Spray”. Mist your hair lightly and let it air dry. Do you have straight hair? To create soft waves that look really natural – twist sections of hair all around the head, secure each section with a hair band, squeeze out excess water and allow it to dry.

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alfalfa-dcp-debatesRemember Alfalfa from the Little Rascals? His cowlick horrified parents across the country. Cowlicks can be tough to manage and annoying to deal with, especially if they are present at certain spots on the head – like right on top – a’ la Alfalfa, here.

Sounds gross. What is a COWLICK anyway?
Cowlicks are patches of hair that  grow in a different direction – even against the natural growth – from the rest of the hair on your head. Cowlicks causes the hair to stand up, quite literally – and sometimes straight upward – form a spiral pattern at the base, or a growth pattern that can make your hair stick out obtrusively.  Cowlicks are the cause of many a ‘bad hair day’ and are not  something that will make you look your best.

So how do you deal with cowlicks?
Well, you can shave your head or have your hair styled in a flat top.

But if that is not an option for you, there is hope! When getting a haircut, request a shorter textured haircut that will help break apart the cowlick. With this hairstyle you can also use some styling product like a gel or mousse to pat it down. Another option is leaving the hair longer as to let the “weight” of the hair  hold the cowlick down when styling.

If you have a cowlick along your neckline, a short taper or fade can be an easy fix.

Cowlicks can be tough to manage and can change recommended styles and products. It is a good idea to check with your stylist prior to tackling a cowlick head on.

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Wet-Look-Hair-TrendsDid someone forget to dry their hair? Did they perhaps, fall out of bed, without washing their hair for several days and just leave? If so – chances are, they’re in style.

It might not be our favorite look – but the runways are once again sporting the ‘grunge’ and ‘wet look’ hair trend for 2013 Fall and 2014 Winter.

Of course, if Penelope can do it (left) then you can too, right? What would they say at work when you pop in sporting funky clumps of moist-gooey locks?

“Go home, and wash your hair” – that’s what you’ll get. Or we hope you do. At least here in Dallas – and that’s coming from Dallas best hair salon.

If you’re wanting to wear this look in the evening, you would be considered very “European”, and in this case, it could be allowed. And – maybe a little cool.

The more tangled, the better. Of course, this look works on ANY cut, ANY length – ANY type of hair. You can side sweep it, center part it, half-braid it, twist it, pin it, or not – whatever – just put some ‘wet look’ gel at the roots (the heavier, the ‘greasier and wetter’ your hair will look).

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In a May episode of “Hello Style”, an online series by Cosmopolitan – the authors covered a hair style trend that is timelessly popular, but not always easy to master: big, fluffy, luscious, sexy hair!  Or, as we call it here in Texas – “Texas Hair”. We’re not, of course – referring to the huge and hardened ‘Get yer’ pink can of Aqua Net’ plastered ‘wings’ from the eighties – we’re referring to true, ‘big hair’; lively locks that add real body and volume (and height to one’s stature).

Let’s discuss your possible ‘Texas hair potential’ and help you reach it!

Get Volume
Any hairstyle can be transformed into a sexy style by adding a little bit of volume.  We love Kerastase Mousse for adding spectacular height and volume.  On the go? Just left the gym? Running errands?  Only have enough time for a ponytail? Back-comb the top and crown with a teasing comb for added height. Rock that pony.

Do The Wave
A tousled wavy-hair style can be accented by a small teased bump at the back of the crown that can add some depth and dynamic to hairstyles.  It’s the same high-end, polished look that you would get if you stuck a ‘Hollywood Bump-It” in there – but really! You don’t need a a huge piece of toothy-plastic to achieve the look.  Plus – what if someone spies that piece betwixt the strands of hair?  Get the look the right way – by using the right tools, product and a little teasing. Plus -the natural wave and bends of your hair are often the most beautiful accents to extenuate and highlight when it comes to finding your own sexy hairstyle.

As always – great hair color and a professional hair cut will make all the difference as well.

Know Your Limits
You can go too far with this, you know.  If you cannot comfortably get in your vehicle, red flag.   If you are in an elevator, and invading others personal space – it’s too much. If you require a full can of hair spray – you’re overdoing it – and  need to opt for something much more subtle.  The context of where you’ll be and what you’ll be doing might mean you should opt for a blowout before a style with much teasing. A blow-out will nearly always allow you more volume and bounce – whether you are in Texas or not.

Spring is upon us – and that signals a time of renewal. Out with the old and in with then new. Spring is here, which means it’s time to try new things, including a new hairstyle. Before you head to your local stylist, practice a bit of spring-cleaning and forget these past hair trends.


There’s nothing more overused in Hollywood than the ombre hairstyle, that is, a lighter hair color with dark roots. Although this previously popular style used to rock the red carpet, it’s outplayed and time to be retired. If you truly like the ombre hairstyle worn by Ciara and other celebrities, try mixing in dark roots with a darker hair color. Opt for mild brown and darker brown roots or other gradient colors to create beautiful contrast.

Feather extensions and other hair-attachments

Didn’t know this was a trend? That’s because it isn’t anymore. More times in the past years have celebrities graced throughout Hollywood with a feather extension attached to their hair (this is really only OK for Stephen Tyler – he seems to have a permanent feather). Do you still rock a feather or attachment? It’s time to cut it loose and consider some of the popular hairstyles of this spring for a fresh, natural (and easier) look.

Here are some natural, easy and popular hair trends:


A blowout can make your hair look clean, full and bouncy for those spring occasions. You don’t  have to have a fresh hair cut either – to make a blowout look great.  After a shampoo and some product, your local salon will use a round brush and create an elegant style whether it be for your daily look – a first date, or a girl’s night out.

Side Parts

Current salon artists are doing a lot of side parts after Ashley Greene and other celebs showed theirs off on the red carpet. Normally, side parts begin at mid-eyebrow and extend down to the back of the head. You can also tuck them behind your ear if you’re wearing accessories that you want to bring the attention to. The really deep side part was a hit on the runways last Fall and this Spring. Either will work from a style standpoint.

Beach Hair

A great warm-weather look on and off the celebrity scene is ‘beach hair’.  It’s easy to do too – just part your hair into chunky sections while it’s still damp, do a finger wrap and pin it. Spray with a light hold product – like Kerastase Surf Spray – and then give it a little time to air-dry. After a bit – unpin and shake out – for some seriously beautiful WAVES.

Contact the team at Clive and Co. for Dallas best hair salon – for a fantastic cut, color or style.

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Those with longer locks and twisty curls might be feeling the effects of a long Texas Summer: dry, chlorine and sun-damaged hair. Supercharge the health of your strands by hydrating your hair!

You see, dehydrated hair is the main reason that we get frizzy, fly-away hair that looks unkempt and unhealthy. Tame it with proper moisture ad hydration. If your hair is dehydrated (and curlier hair tends to be dry anyway) and since hair is naturally porous, you might experience some ‘expansion’ (or – frizzies) on days that your hair is trying to soak up any and all humidity or moisture from the air.

  • Be sure you are using high-powered conditioner.  Don’t skimp here – we are a Kerastase salon for a reason.  We recommend Mousse Substantif, which contains collagen to help define curls while adding ‘bounce’ and less than a quarter sized amount of the Oléo Curl Creme (only at the ends!) because it nourishes and protects curls without weighing them down.
  • Cleansing your hair can dry your hair, so if you can get away with it, wash every other day.
  • If your hair is in real need of serious moisture, use a mask. (once a week)

With proper care and hydration, you can have healthy, happy hair year round.

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