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Soft, natural and low maintenance – are the keys for easy-breezy Summer style. Hair that looks real, wavy with soft highlights and that “beachy-look” after a day playing in the waves – is a trend year after year.

Soft Colors:  Summer’s hottest hair colors add dimension and mystery. Unlike the obvious feel of chunky high-contrast streaks and ombre color techniques – Summer calls for the subtle supplement to your already beautiful locks. So keep it simple with natural looking, softer and more blended color applications.


And of course – highlights aren’t just for blondes. Natural dimension and highlights can be just as beautiful on brunettes as well – seasonal and sexy.

What’s best – ? We can still call it low-maintenance when we keep it natural, as it will grow out gracefully.


The Texture Of Summer 

Summer brings high temperatures that can be hard on your hair. So, leave the flat iron and curling irons in their cabinet – and give your locks the extra care during the hot months they deserve. Make sure you are using the right products for Summer; not just to protect your locks – but also to achieve the looks below (rememberr our post on Our Favorite Summer Hair Care Products?)

Let The Waves Fall – We love the natural waves of hair that’s been allowed to air-dry. Nothing is more beautiful than the tousled-look of natural waves.

Pull it Back – And of course – Summer wouldn’t be complete without a few ponytails. So – to keep with our theme of low-maintenance and ‘easy-breezy’ – the simple ponytail will probably be your go-to ‘do’.

And for those of you who just can’t decide whether to wear up or down – just do both!  Half up, half down is just as easy, and – depending on where you are going, might be better suited. (less or more casual)

Whatever you choose – keep it easy.

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Some people simply cannot wash their hair every day – and of course, there are the myths floating about stating that one really shouldn’t shampoo their hair every day. This is actually a huge myth; and Clive would like to debunk this.

You see, if you use a Ph balanced shampoo, you can wash your hair daily.  It’s not the shampooing that causes the problem.  Oil and sebum are produced in your hair, just like on your face, and you wash your face every day, so you can wash your hair every day too.  Shampooing hair daily is NOT drying out your hair…it’s the hot tools: rollers, curling irons, hot blow dryers to close is what is causing the hair to be dried out.  If you continue to do these things to your hair, then definitely – NO, you should not wash it every day.  But if your hair is healthy, you use good products (good quality and Ph balanced) then wash away.

So, if you use the right hair products… quality  shampoos, conditioners and styling and protective products – like Kerastase or our  newest line, Davines – you could wash your hair every single day without harm.

However, we all know that some people simply do not have time to wash and dry every morning or every day, and for others – hair might behave better on day two. There are even a lot of people, primarily women who get professional blow-out – that can go a solid week without washing their hair.

Just because it’s “day two” (or even day three for some) – it doesn’t mean you can’t have shiny, beautiful and healthy hair – that has STYLE as well. Today’s products are all about creating longevity of style and protecting from the elements.

Here are some ‘Day Two ‘DO’s” that we love. These day-two ‘do’s’ will keep your hair looking great, and healthy – with style.

  • The Sleek Ponytail
  • The Dry Shampoo – Do
  • Braids
  • Accessories
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mADISON2Our apprentices turn into amazing artists. It’s a proven education program that’s unlike any other in the hair salon industry. Learn why Clive and Co. is different –  it’s the staff, their education and passion for amazing hair.

Apprentice: Madison

Beauty School: Paul Mitchell Dallas

Why Clive and Co. Apprenticeship?
Definitely for the education….  I knew when I got out of school that I wanted to work in a salon where the education never ended.  I enjoy learning new things and since trends and styles and techniques change – I wanted to make sure I never fall behind.

What is the training like? What are you learning?
It can be intense. But I love the structure to it; there’s no guesswork involved.  I know what I need to do to stay on track, and that helps me in the long run because I hate being unorganized or feeling lost.  I’ve learned more than I have anywhere else I’ve worked.  I love that we take a healthy approach to doing hair.

How do you feel this program prepares you for a career in hairstyling?
I feel like it’s going to set me up to be extremely successful. Everything I have and will learn definitely will help me be more confident in the future.

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DE-2It takes a lot to be the best hair salon in Dallas. We do it – by creating an amazing staff. This can only be achieved – by taking the best of the best, and grooming them in the Clive and Co. style and methodology.

Apprentice: De McElroy

Beauty School: Regency Beauty Institute

Why Clive and Co. Apprenticeship?
Education is the #1 reason.  I had done research on Clive’s career – I knew he had the knowledge and professionalism that would take my career to the next level.

What is the training like? What are you learning?
Training as an assistant was incredible, because I got to watch and ask questions while the hair cutters were working on clients – which means – education was given to me everyday.  Not only on how to cut hair but how to handle the consult. Then what I learned I got to put into practice on model night. I’m always being challenged to be better and do better.

How do you feel this program prepares you for a career in hairstyling?
The program gave me education that is second to none.  I know I can get a client and have the confidence – because of the education provided to me to achieve the client’s desired look – or get them on the path to get there.  But one of the cool ways it prepares me for my career is doing my presentation. I had to find 8-10 models – cut their hair on my own time.  Work with the colorists to color the hair. Then – present a little fashion show! Finally -I had to explain all the work that was put into the hair cuts.  It as hard – but one of the best experiences in my life because it challenged me to come up with ideas and execute them.

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MichaelThere is no question that NOBODY does training like Clive and Co. – our salon training program is unlike any other industry training program – and much more involved and well-rounded.  A career at Clive and Co. as a stylist (whether it be a hair cutter, or hair colorist) is one that is long-term, and involves continual education and development.

Apprentice: Mike B.

Beauty School: Tono & Guy

Why Clive and Co. Apprenticeship?
I’m always researching photographers, make-up artists, and hair dressers/salons – this one seemed to be the most professional and diligent.

What is the training like? What are you learning?
The training is continuous all day long as a ‘real’ apprentice – unlike other salons, where the apprentice is the house keeper. You work directly under the hair dressers holding sections for them, assisting in blow drys, and style outs… I am learning everything all over again. I thought I knew it all – Clive proves me wrong every day!

How do you feel this program prepares you for a career in hairstyling?
It causes me to be even more detailed in everything I do.  To the way I hold a brush – to combing a section about to be cut.  They each me to be a better profesional and speak to the client correctly.

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uRSULA At Clive and Co. – we have an apprentice program like no other. We are literally – creating, molding and shaping – as we do our client’s hair and image – artists to our own unique brand of hair stylist.   Our unparalleled standards and award-winning processes and development program set us apart from all other hair salons – not just for the hair we cut and color, but for the careers we build.

Apprentice: Ursula Lar

Beauty School: Aveda

Why Clive and Co. Apprenticeship?
{this program} is such a fantastic training – everyone is pretty much family here. We all encourage and help one another.  Everyone is very understanding here – Clive really takes care of his staff – who come first.  If we didn’t have such an amazing staff – there would be no Clive and Co. Not to mention – benefits – no other salon does that! All around – it’s a great place to start advanced training.

What is the training like? What are you learning?
The training can be pretty intense at first.  But once you grasp the concept, the idea that goes behind everything – your mind will be blown.  Because it will all make sense.  Training part is broken down – first you will be prepared to learn ‘how’ to blow dry, then you will be tested out. After this is completed you will start with (for me) basic cuts, then on to testing on this.  Once you complete this – you will become a protege, and you will be able to be requested by clients on the floor.  Next, the creative test – and once that’s complete – 6 weeks after your test – you will be given a date for your presentation and within that 6 weeks, you will cut and consult on hair (for 8-10 models) and present those on model night.

How do you feel this program prepares you for a career in hairstyling?
We have training model nights every Wednesday night – with prepares us to bring certain models for hair cuts we need work on – even after we’re on the floor. You will always have model nights, so we are constantly learning every week – preparing ourselves to be better – that is what makes us THE BEST hair salon in Dallas.

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The hair styling trends are flying, now that we are into Fall, everything from bold berry highlights to stick-straight hair (you KNOW we don’t agree with flat ironing, so you won’t find that here!) and while we have been watching – we’ve picked our faves.

Long & Layered: Some of the most interesting hair cuts are ‘creations’ by our amazing hair cutters – that are customized to the client.  These are usually long & layered hairdos, with modern, thick chunks of layers on medium to long length styles. Not sure what ‘cut’ that is, but you know you love it? It’s probably long & layered.

Chunky Bob:  We hate hot irons, but love some round brush and a good blow-out.  It’s amazing how ‘chunky’ and big a chin-length bob can be, add some swing and movement with the round brush, and it’ll give your face lift and vibrancy.

Fluffy Pixie:  All pixies are not created equal. Face framing layers and side sweeping bangs give an effect of  movement, while maintaining a ‘composed and sophisticated’ style that is unparalleled.  It’s feminine and romantic and flatters all face shapes.

Inspiration, photos credited and original article on StyleList

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Nobody knows your hair like you do. Well, OK – maybe we do.  We’re professionals.  For most people, hair grows about a half an inch every four to five weeks.  Of course, some hair grows faster, others seem to take ages to grow at all.

Knowing when you need to visit the salon will directly effect your hair’s health – and growth. We’ve put together some helpful tips to know when it’s ‘time’ to pay us a visit to show your locks the love they deserve.

1. Healthy hair (even the longest hair) requires regular trims.  As your hair grows out, it becomes old – and more brittle and fragile. The ends always will start to break and split – and can make your hair appear thinner.  If you partake in hair color or processing of any kind – you can add another level of breakage and damage to this – making regular trims even more important. Do yourself a favor – trim your hair every 6-10 weeks at a minimum.

2. Let your stylist in on the plan.  If you are growing your hair out, or trying to lose the bangs – you need to let your cutter know. He or she will be a part of this process and can guide you. It might be – that your hair will grow stronger, cutting it more often or there might be a topical support product that will help you achieve your goals.

3.  Style matters. IF you have a very specific style – it must be maintained with regular trims and shape ups.  If your style is short – then you know the hair grows FAST! Your trims with a specific or shorter style would probably even require more frequent hair cuts – around every 4-8 weeks.

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Short-haircut-ideas-2014-celebrities-hairstyle-trends-for-Fall-Winter2014 is here, and fully underway. And, while everyone is making plans to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions that involve being healthier, and happier and whatever else is in their ‘be better’ arsenal – we can help with one that will support most people’s deepest desires: a new look!  A new look can boost confidence and mix things up; and it might be just what the doctor ordered for beating the post-holiday blues. Braving a new hairstyle can be a bit intimidating, and understandably so – it’s often one of the first things your friends and family will notice – be bold and change up the game with a simple change to your ‘do,

Of course – our hair salon – and it’s hair stylists and staff – want to help ease any fears by offering up some insider advice: Follow the trends when it comes to your hair. Your hair grows back, and can easily change season to season. Use this as an opportunity to make a bold statement, shift your energy – or look years younger – without breaking the bank. (Click here to learn how to ‘look younger by changing your hair color‘)

We’ve broken down the hair trends expected to make a big impact on 2014.

 For Women

Straight hair will virtually always be in style for women, but 2014 will offer a number of ways to add volume and style to the classic straight ‘do.

Layers: One of the easiest ways to create volume is by adding layers. It relieves the weight of your hair and frames your face, allowing you to have a more full and rounded look.

Bangs: Bangs are a great way to make your straight ‘do look edgy and chic. Consider your face shape first (round, square, oval, or heart) when choosing straightedge bangs, the side-swept look, or somewhere in between.

Bob: Tired of spending 20+ minutes styling your hair each morning? Consider a drastic new look by shedding the length and rocking the bob! You can add layers and/or bangs to this look for extra style, while loosing at least 10+ minutes from your morning routine!

 For Men

frenchYou may think there isn’t a lot of variation in hairstyles for men, but think again.  Don’t believe us – ? The “French Rolls”, left – are popular somewhere. We hope we do not see them on this side of the pond.

Whether your hair is short or long, there’s something for all of you searching for a new look in the New Year.

Extra Short: This look isn’t only for the summertime. This style is a very handsome and masculine look, and it requires hardly any time at all to style it in the mornings or after a workout over lunch.

Long and Curly: Do you have wavy or curly hair? It’s ok, Fabio. Quit hiding it and use it to your advantage! Loose and ruff curls will be trendy this year, giving you a messy and attractive new look.

Side Haircut: Looking for something especially unique this year? The side haircut is back in style, offering a perfect balance of classic yet stylish.

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weddingbunDid you know that 43 percent of all engagements take place in November-January? Of course – there are probably a few happening tonight – on St. Valentine’s Day – the holiday of LOVE.  In honor of “engagement season,” we thought we’d take a special look at the hottest wedding hairstyle trends.  Keep an eye out for 2014 brides rocking some of these gorgeous hairstyles, and if you are the bride – let our expert hair stylists help you realize your dream hairstyle on your big day!

Messy Buns
Brides are opting out for the slick back, headache-prone ballerina bun and are aiming for a more whimsical and messy look. Loose curls, maximum volume, and a few cleverly placed bobby pins are the perfect touch to a high, low, or middle-of-the-way messy bun. This ‘do is sure to be a hit for summer brides looking to stay cool and chic while celebrating in the heat.

Half UP / Half DOWN
For the bride that can’t make up her mind (um, are we talkin’ to you?), this hairdo is so flexible – and truly provides the stylist with creative freedom – and the bride with a hairstyle that’s uniquely her own. A half up, half down style can be big and make a statement, or it can be soft and elegant. It can be simple elegant with straight lines, or sport intricate details, including barrettes or braids. This style provides the best of both worlds, providing a sturdy grip on the veil while draping luscious locks over a bare shoulder.

Down & Daring
This bride is looking to be herself on her special night. Why worry about keeping bobby pins in place when you can wear it down? Stylists have come up with creative ways to maintain curls throughout the entire night – everything from temporary hair extensions to teasing combs and specialty sprays. So brides, feel free to whip that hair (have you SEEN the Jimmy Fallon version of this video? Google it, PLEASE.) around on the dance floor!

Visit Clive & Co – Dallas Best Hair Salon – for help, guidance – and inspirations for your special day.

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