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Soft, natural and low maintenance – are the keys for easy-breezy Summer style. Hair that looks real, wavy with soft highlights and that “beachy-look” after a day playing in the waves – is a trend year after year.

Soft Colors:  Summer’s hottest hair colors add dimension and mystery. Unlike the obvious feel of chunky high-contrast streaks and ombre color techniques – Summer calls for the subtle supplement to your already beautiful locks. So keep it simple with natural looking, softer and more blended color applications.


And of course – highlights aren’t just for blondes. Natural dimension and highlights can be just as beautiful on brunettes as well – seasonal and sexy.

What’s best – ? We can still call it low-maintenance when we keep it natural, as it will grow out gracefully.


The Texture Of Summer 

Summer brings high temperatures that can be hard on your hair. So, leave the flat iron and curling irons in their cabinet – and give your locks the extra care during the hot months they deserve. Make sure you are using the right products for Summer; not just to protect your locks – but also to achieve the looks below (rememberr our post on Our Favorite Summer Hair Care Products?)

Let The Waves Fall – We love the natural waves of hair that’s been allowed to air-dry. Nothing is more beautiful than the tousled-look of natural waves.

Pull it Back – And of course – Summer wouldn’t be complete without a few ponytails. So – to keep with our theme of low-maintenance and ‘easy-breezy’ – the simple ponytail will probably be your go-to ‘do’.

And for those of you who just can’t decide whether to wear up or down – just do both!  Half up, half down is just as easy, and – depending on where you are going, might be better suited. (less or more casual)

Whatever you choose – keep it easy.

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Some people simply cannot wash their hair every day – and of course, there are the myths floating about stating that one really shouldn’t shampoo their hair every day. This is actually a huge myth; and Clive would like to debunk this.

You see, if you use a Ph balanced shampoo, you can wash your hair daily.  It’s not the shampooing that causes the problem.  Oil and sebum are produced in your hair, just like on your face, and you wash your face every day, so you can wash your hair every day too.  Shampooing hair daily is NOT drying out your hair…it’s the hot tools: rollers, curling irons, hot blow dryers to close is what is causing the hair to be dried out.  If you continue to do these things to your hair, then definitely – NO, you should not wash it every day.  But if your hair is healthy, you use good products (good quality and Ph balanced) then wash away.

So, if you use the right hair products… quality  shampoos, conditioners and styling and protective products – like Kerastase or our  newest line, Davines – you could wash your hair every single day without harm.

However, we all know that some people simply do not have time to wash and dry every morning or every day, and for others – hair might behave better on day two. There are even a lot of people, primarily women who get professional blow-out – that can go a solid week without washing their hair.

Just because it’s “day two” (or even day three for some) – it doesn’t mean you can’t have shiny, beautiful and healthy hair – that has STYLE as well. Today’s products are all about creating longevity of style and protecting from the elements.

Here are some ‘Day Two ‘DO’s” that we love. These day-two ‘do’s’ will keep your hair looking great, and healthy – with style.

  • The Sleek Ponytail
  • The Dry Shampoo – Do
  • Braids
  • Accessories
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Davines-SustainableBeauty-logoIf you’ve been into Clive and Co. recently, you’ve noticed a new brand on our shelves – Davines. We love this brand, because of the natural, high-quality ingredients in their products – as well as their expertise and exclusivity – and it’s why we chose to carry the name and use these products in our Dallas salon.

A bit about Davines

Davines was founded in Parma, Italy in 1983 by the Bollati family. Originally, they produced high-end hair products for cosmetic companies only. In 1996, they began making an exclusive line for salons as well as skin care products for premier spas worldwide.  The products are simple, but based on over 20 years of experience and knowledge, passed down and refined to a natural perfection.

Davines is concerned with ‘Sustainable Beauty’ – meaning,  producing a product that deals with the responsibility we all have in this world, with a commitment to minimize production impact on the enviroment without compromising quality.

We have been looking for the right line to off set Kerastase for a few years now. Davines fits the bill. Davines is everything Kerastase is not, as well as compliments each other in philosophy and price point. Davines packaging is simple, the price point is reasonable, and the performance is great! 

-Clive Lamb


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MillaThe fashion runways inspire more than just hair and makeup trends for the coming seasons. The catwalk also inspires interior design, advertising, automotive design and more.  If you want to stand out at your holiday party, then it’s a smart choice to steal a feather from the caps of the fashion designers.  Here we will serve up three hairstyle ideas you could sport that take inspiration from the fashion runways this Fall.

1. Add a little BLING – we saw a lot of glitz and glamour on the runways this Fall – in the form of accessories, fashion (apparel) and of course – eye makeup.  But if you’re headed out to a party this holiday season – why not add a little ‘dress’ to your ‘tresses’ – ? There are tons of beautiful hair jewels that can be worn in a million styles, and there are a million colors to boot.

2. Twist and SHOUT – “I’ve got mega style”!  Everyone knows we think that curling irons and flat irons are the devil.  But you can achieve natural, gorgeous waves and ‘twirls’ in your locks by twisting your hair while it’s slightly damp, and letting it dry for a good while. When you’ve released the Kracken, set with a light hairspray and let nature roll on. Roll, nature roll!

3. A Classic, Sleek Pony – is always in style and will glam up any outfit. If you are wearing sweats, and have a slick back pony, there’s no doubt someone will say, “man, that lady in those sweats sure looks classy, for sweats….”. But seriously.  Who wouldn’t love a slicked-back pony tail for a special event? Firstly, it is easy, and fast. Wet that hair and pull it back! Set it with some good gel, and make sure you wear some stunning earrings.

Off you go! Have fun, be home before midnight.


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chalkLast month was fashion week, one of our favorite weeks to see upcoming fashion trends and products that haven’t been released to anyone outside of the runway. Fashion week is when styles and trends are used in exciting ways, so it’s always an opportunity to toy with some creative ideas.

One of those fun items that we saw on the runways is Bumble and bumble spray chalk. The models had hair pulled tightly into a bun with a short knot at the end and their hair streaked with spray chalk used in stripes by paper stencils. The girls were given a sci-fi look to spice up the neutral color palette of most of the designs.  It’s just a fun and non-permanent way to add a blast of hair color.

We’ve already blogged about the hair trend ‘chalking’ last December – utilizing actual chalk to ‘stripe’ hair with the color – now Bumble and bumble has made it much easier. Simply isolate your strand and spray-away. Color washes out with first wash, and feels much like colored hairspray.

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Wet-Look-Hair-TrendsDid someone forget to dry their hair? Did they perhaps, fall out of bed, without washing their hair for several days and just leave? If so – chances are, they’re in style.

It might not be our favorite look – but the runways are once again sporting the ‘grunge’ and ‘wet look’ hair trend for 2013 Fall and 2014 Winter.

Of course, if Penelope can do it (left) then you can too, right? What would they say at work when you pop in sporting funky clumps of moist-gooey locks?

“Go home, and wash your hair” – that’s what you’ll get. Or we hope you do. At least here in Dallas – and that’s coming from Dallas best hair salon.

If you’re wanting to wear this look in the evening, you would be considered very “European”, and in this case, it could be allowed. And – maybe a little cool.

The more tangled, the better. Of course, this look works on ANY cut, ANY length – ANY type of hair. You can side sweep it, center part it, half-braid it, twist it, pin it, or not – whatever – just put some ‘wet look’ gel at the roots (the heavier, the ‘greasier and wetter’ your hair will look).

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In a May episode of “Hello Style”, an online series by Cosmopolitan – the authors covered a hair style trend that is timelessly popular, but not always easy to master: big, fluffy, luscious, sexy hair!  Or, as we call it here in Texas – “Texas Hair”. We’re not, of course – referring to the huge and hardened ‘Get yer’ pink can of Aqua Net’ plastered ‘wings’ from the eighties – we’re referring to true, ‘big hair’; lively locks that add real body and volume (and height to one’s stature).

Let’s discuss your possible ‘Texas hair potential’ and help you reach it!

Get Volume
Any hairstyle can be transformed into a sexy style by adding a little bit of volume.  We love Kerastase Mousse for adding spectacular height and volume.  On the go? Just left the gym? Running errands?  Only have enough time for a ponytail? Back-comb the top and crown with a teasing comb for added height. Rock that pony.

Do The Wave
A tousled wavy-hair style can be accented by a small teased bump at the back of the crown that can add some depth and dynamic to hairstyles.  It’s the same high-end, polished look that you would get if you stuck a ‘Hollywood Bump-It” in there – but really! You don’t need a a huge piece of toothy-plastic to achieve the look.  Plus – what if someone spies that piece betwixt the strands of hair?  Get the look the right way – by using the right tools, product and a little teasing. Plus -the natural wave and bends of your hair are often the most beautiful accents to extenuate and highlight when it comes to finding your own sexy hairstyle.

As always – great hair color and a professional hair cut will make all the difference as well.

Know Your Limits
You can go too far with this, you know.  If you cannot comfortably get in your vehicle, red flag.   If you are in an elevator, and invading others personal space – it’s too much. If you require a full can of hair spray – you’re overdoing it – and  need to opt for something much more subtle.  The context of where you’ll be and what you’ll be doing might mean you should opt for a blowout before a style with much teasing. A blow-out will nearly always allow you more volume and bounce – whether you are in Texas or not.

Growing older has many pleasant perks, but keeping your beautiful locks of hair in great shape as you age can seem too hard to do. It doesn’t have to be. MORE sat down with women between the ages of 34 and 67-years-old to talk about all things hair: salon products, styling tips, hair care, cuts and color – and learned some secrets about how they manage fabulous hair at an older age. Here are some of their takeaways from their interviews.

Working with “Unmanageable” Hair

Bad hair days happen to the best of us, but don’t let it ruin your mood. When your hair hangs limply or seems to lack volume – pin it up in a high ballerina bun. It’s stylish, hip and trendy and a super-efficient way to keep your hair from your face.

Own Your Hair

Make your haircut a reflection of who you are – and it will never go out of style. Adapting your hairstyle to your always changing lifestyle can make it easier to maintain, prevent long hours of upkeep and help you stay active and busy without the fuss. Plus – it’ll be an accurate reflection of YOU!

Products Matter

Using the right products can keep years of aging off your hair and keep it full and bouncy late into your years. Consider what products match up with your lifestyle.  Are you a heavy swimmer? The chlorine in the pool can dry your hair out, so combat it with coconut oil. Live in a humid city or state? Grab some argan oil at your local health food store.

Shampoo Strategies

Not everyone needs to shampoo his or her hair 3-4 times weekly. Ask your Clive and Co. hair stylist what is the best option for your needs. Some women have hair that looks much more full with its own oils built up in it and may not need to wash but one time a week.

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No longer is it cool for women to apply “sun-in” and lemon juice and bask in the sun for hours in hopes of getting their hair to a naturally lightened shade. Now, hair trends point to natural and professional looks and products that will protect hair and promote a long life of healthy and vibrant locks. The hottest Summer hair styles looks healthy. The hottest summer hair is healthy.


Just like your skin, your hair can be severely damaged by the harmful rays from the sun. The result of long exposure to the sun can be thin, dry and hair that has been dulled out. Protect your hair color and protect your hair by investing in some hair care products with UV filters and blockers.

Rinse it out!

Salt from the ocean, chlorine from a pool or even general perspiration from being outside can damage your hair because it strips away moisture. HOT TIP! Rinse your hair before and after activities with fresh water to get the harmful chemicals out.

Deep Condition

Certain conditioning treatments can counteract the harmful chemicals. Opt for something that serves as an intensive restoration treatment at least periodically during the Summer months.

Gain Balance

The humidity from the warmer months causes many to have “puffed out” or frizzy hair. Balance out the fizziness by letting your hair grow longer and adding necessary weight. Another option is to ask for tapered layers from your local hair stylist. Not interested in growing longer hair, or cutting it off? Update your hairstyle by choosing a spring or summer low bun. They’re quick and easy and are a hot trend right now.

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clooneyWould you be surprised if we told you that we are seeing facial hair on men as a hot new trend? It seems that facial hair is becoming a more popular choice for men all across the country – and it appearing on classy celebrities like George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio, as well as the entertaining and “southern” Robertson men of A&E’s hit reality TV show, Duck Dynasty. Yep, facial hair is here to stay. What? You’re not ‘happy happy happy’ about this? Worried your man might end up with a beard?

Instead of dreading “Movember” or “Mustache March”, the months when your man decides to sprout a couple hairs below his lip in an effort to see how it will grow but also for chairty – just embrace it. Don’t argue with their choices; instead – make your opinion known and help them learn how to properly groom facial hair.  Also – help your man understand that hair products – such as Kerastase and Bumble and bumble – can also be used on facial hair to keep it looking tame.

As Dallas top hair salon – we are here to help even if the hair isn’t on the head. After all, hair is our specialty. Here are 3 popular facial hair choices among men and how you can help “coach” them on how to rock the facial hair properly.

Full Beard

Upkeep is important for the full beard. The hardest part for men with a full beard can be keeping it well trimmed and groomed. With the wide variety of products available, encourage your “facial hair friend” to explore an option that helps him keep his thick scruff.

The Five O’clock Shadow

Maintaining the stubble look can be as simple as finding a good moisturizer to help hydrate the skin buried below the hair. Even though this look gives off a casual appearance, untamed stubble can ruin the classiness of this look.

The Mustache

Simple and classic, the mustache is what many of us think of when we envision facial hair. Embrace the “painters brush” mustache and encourage daily clipping and trimming. We recommend a hair softener and moisturizer for mustaches too.

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