MariaIt takes a lot to be the best hair salon in Dallas. We do it – by creating an amazing staff. This can only be achieved – by taking the best of the best, and grooming them in the Clive and Co. style and methodology.

Apprentice: Maria

Beauty School: Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy

Why Clive and Co. Apprenticeship?
I have been in the salon a few times and always enjoy the atmosphere.  The artists working at Clive and Co. are more impressive in their field than any other salon I have been to.  I could see that the training was much more advanced and I wanted to be a part of it.

What is the training like? What are you learning?
The training is very in-depth.  We all seek perfection through practice, practice practice!  I am learning how to work in a salon setting – on a team and how to achieve client’s goals through proper color formulation and precise application.  I am learning how to be the very best colorist I can be.

How do you feel this program prepares you for a career in hairstyling?
This program – in the first month – had already prepared me for my career more than any other program I had been in.  I am so excited about my future with Clive and Co.!

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